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  • Derrick Spearman

Why hire a custom home builder?

Building a home is like performing complex surgery. Before getting into the OR you want to be sure that the surgeon has at a minimum a medical degree from an accredited institution and years of experience in the field. The same goes for construction of your home - in fact your home has many similarities to the human body and you want someone who understands the home's anatomy while constructing it from scratch. We are sure many of you have heard of friends or experienced yourself when a beautiful-looking home suddenly develops a leaky foundation, burst pipes or electrical hardwire issues. The reason is that it is easy to make huge errors when building a home if you do not follow a careful, well thought out plan and protocol and are able to watch and meticulously control the workmanship involving carpentry, plumbing, electrical engineering, etc. If you don't know what you're looking for you don't know what you've missed.

A builder saves you money.

We have encountered some clients who ask us why they can't simply build their own home. Some are expert engineers, commercial project managers or interior designers. However, apart from the argument that each of us has expertise in our given area and without the proper training and experience in the residential construction field it is difficult if not impossible to bring in the same level of expertise in the construction field without making and learning from your mistakes, there are big financial gains to be made with a custom home builder.

First of all, established builders like Evandale Homes are eligible for discounted prices on most materials that the average customer does not have access to. This amounts to tens of thousands of dollars in savings for our customers.

Secondly, trades in the residential construction field select which builders they work for exclusively - these tend to be higher end trades whose workmanship is top level and they refuse to work with single customers as builders bring in a stream of work to them so they are interested in maintaining those relationships.

Thirdly, builders who's bread and butter is building homes 12 months of the year work relentlessly to establish the most efficient schedule for the construction process. This results in a significantly shorter time in construction due to multiple trades working on the same site on different aspects of the house and reduced the time your land is vacant and your house is under construction.

Lastly, a reputable builder should have Tarion Warranty - this provides the security that if anything goes wrong with the construction of your home you are protected.

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